The National Federation of the Blind of North Dakota Youth Programs.

Purpose: To help blind youth, and young adults develop the blindness skills and positive attitudes necessary to lead a life of success and accomplishment.

Blind youth and young adults have the awesome opportunity to build relationships with independent, successful blind people in North Dakota. Organized team-building and community-based activities will provide valuable experiences. Each protege will be carefully matched with a program to meet their individual needs. These relationships and opportunities will help to erase the 75 percent unemployment rate among the blind community.

Employment and education for the blind should not be difficult to achieve. This project is geared towards solving these issues by combining young blind persons with successful blind North Dakotans that are living the dream of being equal contributors to their community. Interest in future career choices, post-secondary academic plans, and social backgrounds will all be taken into consideration.

NFB Youth Program activities may range from the large group variety to specific, organized time set by pairs on their own. Hiking, water skiing, barbecue picnics, roundtable discussions regarding blindness, historical tours, visits to college campuses, concerts, and an array of other activities will allow mentors to show proteges how blind people utilize alternative techniques to enjoy all aspects of their communities and campuses.

Knowing that you are not the "only one," is crucial for the confidence and independent growth of blind individuals. Please inform all persons who know of a young blind prospect who might benefit from having a "blind big brother or sister" to help pave their way toward total independence. Watch this project succeed as blind people succeed in North Dakota. Help create a positive change in attitudes and perceptions of blindness!